Meet Our Team

Chris Grobler

“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”

I have the privilege of leading a talented and special team of individuals, and this phrase speaks to our culture in its purest form. This phrase started it all for me, it took root when our team grew and it’s now our ever-present waypoint in our journey as a group of disruptors. At home I’m a regular guy who loves his family and friends. I’m specific about my time and how I spend it. I watch sport, fish, play video games and read too much. When we set out to write these snippets of ourselves, it took me a while to actually decide on what to write. I suppose two sentences could have summed it up – I want to leave this planet a better place than what it was. There is no greater pursuit than the one of impactful change.

Kevin Viljoen

An average day starts with making sure the wife and kids get up and ready so that we can leave on time to for work. Driving to work is always nice, especially when a classic song, like Dire Straits, hits the bakkie speakers… What is a morning at the office without a coffee (Seatle), now that secrets are no longer part of the daily routine. Time management in the day is always a key factor to ensure you tackle all obstacles. It is always nice to be in a bit earlier in the mornings, before everyone is in and the noise starts, just to make sure all is planned. The rush of the day, is always nice, yet scary to think that time goes by so quickly nowadays. I think the nice thing about the office is that it is rarely repetitive for me, or at least it feels that way. Most of the time my work consist out of keeping track of Hishaan’s millions and millions of emails he sends. I do invoicing and quotations, busy with lead generation and setting out huge targets and changing their way of thinking about the future. The office talk nowadays, is Golf, the topic of the century, and it is nice to share similarities and stories. Going on 5 years at IO Systems this year, and never once looked back or for an exit. Still loving each day, yet, some days might be more challenging than others, but at the end of the day we always leave with a smile.


Tukela Hlazo  

Wake up, get ready for work, get to work on time, make myself some food and that how it starts. I check some emails, plan out my day and upcoming projects, update all my admin and check on outstanding tasks. Off to tackle client issues on-site, finally, get back to the office. After work, I  go to college. After a long day, I return to the place where I feel most at home, my flat, where I enjoy some biscuits, play games, research the unknown and watch YouTube. 


Rudi Coetzee

I get up at around 7, make some coffee and chill before I drive to work. I’m not a morning person so when I finally get to the office I make some more coffee check my mail and check what’s on the agenda for the day. By that time I am finally awake and ready to converse, then we have an office scrum. And so it begins, do whatever needs to get done, mainly to sort out issues, do some testing on platforms our developers are working on, giving feedback on things that need changing and fixing. When I  work on client websites I start off with the designing of pages and changes that clients requested. While I work I usually listen to Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Post Malone. Finally here at lunchtime, I will walk to spar to get something to eat. Do some more work till we all pack up and head home. At home, I enjoy Gaming with friends (where I am most at peace) or make some craft beer.


Hishaan Bhana

Opening up my eyes at around 5 am, knocking out any urgent emails, getting ready for work, coming to work and giving my best. Being Head of Online Business involves client relations, emails and stock ordering! While I listen to some sing-along songs. I also look out that all our systems are 100% operational, offering support for any users and helping out in the office where I can.  Once I get home, I put on my running shoes and head out for a run! In my off time, I enjoy a bit of reading up on some tech news. 


Donovan Minnie

I get up, head to work, achieve greatness with Team IO. I imagine myself to be like Hugh Jackman from the Movie “Swordfish”, in the scene where he’s got 7 monitors in front of him, and his hacking away at his worm to get the money. Except I work with the Team to make Enterprise worthy software and earn an honest living like a good human when I sit down to work I usually listen to some nightcore, nightsep or dubstep. On occasion, partake in some of the many deep conversations that go on in the office. At the end of the day, we wrap things up at the office. Head back home, sometimes a bit exhausted, but greatly chuffed at the overall happenings and events of the day. I feel most at peace when the sun goes down with my mechanical beast in the corner with a cup of coffee in the hand


Heinrich Van Wyk

Pretty easy to wake up in the morning, as I’m quite a morning person. I like my cup of coffee early in the morning especially if it’s from Seattle. My team and I work hard every day making sure our clients are happy, We usually have a bunch of projects going on at a single time. Projects from our main clients sometimes take us the entire day to complete the job.  When I do get a chance to listen music I prefer Electro, House and 80’s. We work hard in our team to reach deadlines and perfection each day, but we leave work satisfied every afternoon. Feeling that we did great at making our clients smile. When I am finally at home, where I am most at peace I enjoy myself a bit of gaming and nuts, peanuts…


Christiaan Kotze

I usually get up and get ready for work, sometimes I get some series in the mornings, or a quick gaming session if there is a time. After that, I head off to the office. My Job is mostly programming so that is what I focus on during the day. I do listen to music, but if we are to busy I tend not to, I don’t have particular set music I listen to if I find something I like I listen to it. I also get some coffee with my work colleagues and have great conversations with them during the day like joking around or just some gaming or interesting chats. When I get home, I try to get some exercise in (sometimes failing), after which I make some food and then just enjoy some gaming and watch series or anime till I decide to go to sleep.


Roubert Potgieter

I wake up Excited and new, open to discover engage and develop! I research market target areas and probe current client base for possible sales or up-sales. Investigate possible marketing strategies and also attend the HSE management system. The music I listen to while I work is mostly worship and good’ol afrikaanse treffers. I feel most at peace when all is done that needs to be taken care of,  a fire in the background and a happy family all around me.


Tevin Claasen

I wake up grab a coffee work hard, mostly, researching new technologies and solutions on work-related problems, where I listen to rock, mostly. I go home, study hard, go to bed, sleep hard. Now if I have some free time I keep myself busy with electronics, programming and a little game development. At the end of the day completing a big task is when I feel most at peace.


Ruwahn Coetzee

Well my alarm is set for 05:00 That’s when I feel most at peace with the world, so I get up at half-past 5, and immediately get going, I make a quick coffee, and head to the office, usually the traffic is quite good, but sometimes a dog or 2 might run in front of me on my way, so I just walk around them… I do creative content creation from home for the team, so I design, I edit videos, I create motion graphics, I shoot videos, I also work really hard to meet our marketing goals, I might design a website or two listenings to some Spoegwolf, Foofighter but mostly a little acoustic & folk when I work.  I work in intervals of 90 mins and get up to walk around, maybe walk with the dogs, maybe just go outside and think. At the end of the day, I switch all my programs off that I worked on, and might jump online to talk with some friends on discord play a little game or make some food.


Andre Viviers

I wake up every day at 4:30 go for a run, do 200 pushups and 461 sit-ups… just kidding I wake up at 06:00. I go straight to the kitchen to get breakfast ready and jump in the shower as I need to be in the office at 07:00. I usually leave the house at around 6:30 and get to work at about 6:45 – 6:50. Once at the office, I get my coffee and have a chat with the team. Around 7:10 we all realize the time and get started on our morning SCRUM that sets out our daily goals. From here I get to work on what has been set out for the day. After work, I get home, go to the gym, play some games and then go to bed at 10:00 to be ready for the next day.


Edmund van der Merwe

I wake up in the morning get ready for work where tackle the job at hand and try to get it done as soon as possible so that I can start the next one. If there is some spare time in between jobs then I get myself some coffee and read up on up and coming new technologies and electronics. After a long days work when I get home I like to play some games or watch some series to unwind. I enjoy working with my hands so on weekends I tend to either tinker on my car or build or modify something in the garage when I have the time.


Anelisa Nkenke

I literally wake up at 5am, get ready and then leave the house. Hit the gym and then have my tea and breakfast shake then basically start my day, with some country music/ afro pop tunes. I find peace of mind and serenity in nature, listening to the waves crashing and hiking around peaceful surroundings. I am a book worm, so to unwind i will have a book in my hand and listen to some chilled beats.