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Social Business Platform

Enterprise social software (ESS) or Social Business Platforms are general terms that describe social networking and collaboration tools used in companies. Social Business Platforms includes corporate intranets and other software platforms aimed at maximizing productivity, improving communication, forming coherent teams and making collaboration more efficient. Our Social Business Platform is easy to set up, manage and use. Teams can share ideas, send & receive instant messages and access organisational resources from this platform. You can customise the look & feel of the platform, add additional functionality or even remove unwanted functionalities.

Bespoke Applications

iO Systems builds custom web applications and systems integrations for businesses. We specialize in Microsoft technologies and have created an efficient set of tools and processes that allows us to build enterprise-grade solutions quickly. There’s a big difference between code that “mostly works” and code that is maintainable, secure, handles stress, is easy to understand, and can evolve with your business.

RFID Systems

iO Systems specializes in the development and application of RFID solutions. We provide the RFID hardware, which include the tags and scanners (handheld or fixed), installation and the RFID asset management software. The RFID management software is completely customizable – this offers our clients a robust and operation-specific solution.

Website & Branding

We believe in unique. We do not believe in using templates. Your business deserves a unique website design which incorporates your branding strategy. It is also important to keep your website current. Our websites are easily updated – in fact, we will even train you to do it. This will put you in control of having an up to date website. We also offer effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s search. If a user searches for your services, make sure that you appear on the 1st page.

Biometric Systems

Biometric staff control is the management of staff attendance and movement by means of biometric information. Biometric information includes fingerprint-and retinal profiles, both of which are unique to a person. Biometric staff control systems are more reliable and accurate than clock-cards and RFID access cards. No two people have the same fingerprint- or retinal profile, thus eliminating staff using one another’s clock-cards or RFID access cards.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are great for engaging existing or new target markets. It can also be a powerful organisational tool. We develop Android OS –and Apple iOS compatible applications. You give us your requirements, and we will take care of the rest.

CCTV Systems

Keep your critical areas safe with a modern CCTV system. We install and configure CCTV Systems that gives you a sms or email alert if movement is detected, you can view your premises off-site via mobile application and even load unwanted person profiles. Only industry-leading technology is used in our deployments, ensuring that our clients get the best possible security solutions. We also offer service & maintenance support on new or existing infrastructure.


Where innovation, intelligence and service meets.

Intelligent Output Systems is a professional ICT services provider based in Port Elizabeth. The company was founded in 2012 and has grown exponentially since inception, showing a +100% growth year-on-year.

We offer our clients a complete services package, with a strong focus on bespoke software development, in-house solutions which are customised to our client’s requirements and supporting infrastructure. Our staff compliment brings together a diverse skill-set, which facilitates innovation.

We have completed various projects, the most recent being the development of Social Business Platform for a Government Department. The Department has since rolled-out the system to 4000 staff members. We also service Bidvest FGR, Prestons Liquor Group and a number of local & national companies.

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Intelligent Output Team

A special team made out of extraordinary individuals.
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Chris Grobler

Managing Director
Chris is the lead analyst and managing director at IO Systems. He studied Computer Science Engineering, Project Management and is currently furthering his studies through UNISA. It is rumoured that he makes good coffee…
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Kevin Viljoen

Head of Technical
Kevin is the Head of Technical and all round go-to-guy at IO Systems. He has a background in networking, IT support, CCTV systems and accounts management.
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Pierre van Antwerpen

Sales Consultant
Pierre is the Technical Sales Consultant – he helps our clients get the system they need. He has experience in sales & marketing, business management and the CCTV industry.
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Tukela Hlazo

Senior Technician
Tukela is our Senior Technician. He started his career at IO Systems as a holiday intern. His work ethic and skills turned him from intern to hired in a flash.
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Rudi Coetzee

Senior Developer
Rudi is a Senior Developer at IO Systems. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our clients get the system they need; in the time they want it in. The Force is strong with this one.
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Ruwahn Coetzee

Junior Developer
Ruwahn is a Junior Developer at IO Systems. He is a naturally gifted developer who invests himself in every project he is involved in.
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JC Denton

Lead Developer
An integral part of our team and the largest cog in our development machine. A developer that develops for the love of it. Problem solver and main go to guy. Over 5000 users interact with the systems he took lead on.

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